This Could Be You…

Have some encouragement for your healing-at-home journey!

“Hi Dr. Jernigan,Success concept.

I saw your post about microbogen for the flu and I wanted to share with you.

Last week, I began to get a very bad cough and fatigue,fever, chills and body ache.

I took an epson salt/hydroen peroxide bath, put some essential oils on the bottom of the feet, took two droppers of microbogen under the tongue and the applied a castor oil pack to my chest with heating pad. (I have heard that castor oil can draw out inflammation and infection and my cough was very bad so I thought I would try it on my chest) I got a water bottle and added several droppers of microbogen to the water and went to bed sipping the water throughout the evening. ( I was very worried about the cough because in the past I have developed a cough that has lasted weeks and weeks at this time of year) In the morning I woke up feeling great , cough and all other symptoms gone. thank you for making these herbal remedies available to us.

Praise the Lord.



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