If you take away the pain without taking away the problem, you’re going keep crashing over and over. This would be similar to the following scenario. You find yourself on the side of the road with your gas gauge pointing to the dreaded “E.” “That’s weird,” you think to yourself, “I just filled up at that gas station about a mile back.” You call an auto service and they bring you another tank of gas. You gratefully pay them for their trouble and for the gas because they really saved your skin. The car starts and you get a little ways further  and then the same thing happens! “I don’t have time for this.” You call the auto service again and they rush over with another tank. As your tank gets fuller, your wallet gets a little thinner. “Thanks guys, you’re the best. You fix my problems so fast!” And the process repeats. Unbeknownst to you, the real problem is that you have a leak in your gas tank. Yes, the tank of gas gets you a little further, but without fixing the leak, you are going to end up in the same place over and over and over, as your wallet gets thinner, and thinner, and thinner. The car was designed to be able to run just fine without being dependent on an auto service every few miles. If you would just fix the leak, you’re car would run the way it was designed to.

In the words of Dr. Joseph Mercola, “We can solve well over 90% of the all chronic diseases with simple, inexpensive natural therapies.” The heart of this blog is to give the world another option. An option that offers true healing, as opposed to masked symptoms. The intention behind the techniques shared here is to build the body up to where it is able  to heal itself from the afflictions it encounters, as it was originally designed to do, without costing an arm and a leg. When you focus on the cause, instead of just the symptom, you not only get relief for right now, but also improved strength for the future. Life doesn’t have to be limited by illness. Take control of your own healing.


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